June 27, 2008

hello scandinavia!

All my photos are now updated. Two weeks in Denmark, Sweden and Norway yielded a whole lotta picture-taking, too. Because: so pretty!

Even though I am now home, if you are at all into this sort of thing, I do recommend taking a look, because Scandinavia is gorgeous

both out at the fjords

and in cute towns like Bergen

and in places like Copenhagen.

Actually, I am not going to lie. I am uploading and organizing all of my pictures on my computer right now, and oh my god. I saw so much pretty stuff. It's really extraordinary to see it all laid out like that. I love the way my little thumbnails of pictures take on a whole rainbow of colors, depending on where I was.

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Loocy said...

I'm kind of sad that you're home ... I've really enjoyed reading about your adventures this whole time and getting to go to places I've only dreamed of. You're my hero! I hope you're enjoying your bed now.